2018-YVR-S1 Playoffs


Sun Feb 18 8:00am - 3:00pm

Food and Drinks

  • The Caterer will be onsite and serving food from 10:30am
  • Faculty Brewing will be selling cans of beer after 11am.


  • The Physio Shop will be providing emergency service, taping, dry needling, manual therapy for participating athletes looking to have a tune-up before or after their events. They will be onsite from 8:30am.

Photo Competition

Magnum Nutraceuticals have provided a prize pack worth $200 for the best photo of the day. Any athlete or spectator can enter. Add the photo to Instagram with #FFLsquad and we'll pick our favourite.

  • The prize is:
  • 1 x DNA - Increases strength in just 3 days
  • 1 x Opus - Nonstimulant pre workout
  • 1x Big C - Highly absorbable Creatine Product
  • 1x Shaker


Qualifiers 1 & 2 will be released Friday night. Semis & Finals Saturday.

All 10 teams will take part in Qualifiers 1 & 2. The combined scores from qualifiers + your season ranking will determine the top 4 teams who will go onto head to head semi finals & finals.

Athlete check-in is between 8:15-8:45 AM (doors will be open at 8).

Qualifier event 1 workout description will happen before 9:00AM so don't be late!



2x Female Athletes begin on workout A
2x Male Athletes begin on workout B


For Time (6 min cap):

Girls First

-40x DII: Pullups ( DIII:Jumping Pullups)
-20x DII: Toe to Bar / Ring ( DIII: Toe to Ring / Jumping TTR )
-20x Burpee to plate high 10 (both partners)
-20x DII: Toe to Bar / Ring ( DIII: Toe to Ring / Jumping TTR )
-10x DII: Chest to Bar ( DIII: Jumping CTB )


6 Minute AMRAP:

Guys First

-30x Clean & Jerks (DII: 95/65) (DIII: 75/45)
-(DII: 15/10) (DIII: 12/7) Calorie Assault Bike

-30x Clean & Jerks (DII: 115/85) (DIII: 95/65)
-(DII: 15/10) (DIII: 12/7) Calorie Assault Bike

-30x Clean & Jerks (DII: 135/95) (DIII: 115/85)
-Max Calories in remaining time

Rest 1 minute & Switch

During this rest teams may switch out 1 Male & 1 Female athlete


  • At 3, 2, 1, go the team of 2 females will begin workout A while the 2 men begin workout B
  • Both workouts are done with 1 athlete working at a time, and the work is split any way
  • Athletes must 'tag' each other to change who's working
  • Athletes may load the bar while the other athlete is working on the assault bike.

Once 6 minutes is up, the male & female teams will switch workouts
At this time you may switch out one male and one female athlete from each team


Workout A: Time to complete the 10th chest to bar OR 6:00 +1s for every rep not completed
Workout B: Total reps completed

Each teams time / reps will be ranked against the other teams (of the same sex) the combination of those 2 ranks will be the teams score for Qualifier 1.


  • All movements follow typical standards
  • Males will perform Toe to bar, females will perform toe to ring OR toes to bar (each athlete must stick to one movement)
  • Burpees must be completed by both athletes beginning with the chest hitting their ground, and ending with both athletes standing on their plates at the same time (and high 10ing)
  • Clean & jerks are ground 2 shoulder to overhead any style but must show controlled lockout and feet under the hips at extension.
  • Any bar dropped without control will be considered a no-rep (for safety)


4 Athletes, 2 members of each sex


With a 16 minute running clock...

3 Athletes will complete the 'grid style' AMRAP:

10, 20, 30, 40...

  • Wallballs (DII: 20/14 @ 9')(DIII: 14/8 @ 9’)
  • Calorie Assault Bike
  • Box Jump (DII: 24/20")(DIII: 20/16”)
  • Alternating DB Snatch (DII: 50/35#)(DIII: 40/25#)


At some point during 16 min AMRAP each athlete must report to a platform and perform:
DII: Hang Squat Snatch x3 men / x2 women
DIII: Hang Power Snatch x 3 men + 1 Overhead Squat / x2 women + 1 Overhead Squat


  • At 3, 2, 1, go, 1 athlete will run onto the floor and begin completing the wallballs and 1 athlete will begin on the platforming working on their max lift.
  • The 3 athletes completing the AMRAP may tag in and out at any time, but only 1 athlete may be 'on the floor' working at a time, the rest will remain behind the line.
  • Once wallballs are completed the athlete must return behind the line (or switch athletes) before moving forward to the next station.
  • At any time during the AMRAP 1 athlete at a time will be on the platform working to a max. Only 1 athlete may be on the platform and each athlete only gets 1 chance to go to the platforms (but as many attempts as they need once there).
  • This order will continue for 16 minutes allowing all 4 athletes to complete the snatch complex.
  • The lifts must be declared to a judge before being made, and written on the board behind the platform they are lifting on. Successful lifts will be left visible on the boards behind the platforms.


This workout will be scored as 2 events

Score 1: Total reps completed in the AMRAP
Score 2: Total Pounds Lifted

Movement Standards

  • All movements follow typical standards
  • Box Jump 2 foot take off & 2 foot landing, athletes must show full extension at the top and step down
  • Assault bike: The bike may keep a running total of calories, it is on the athletes to ensure they are turned on / counting (not the judge)
  • Alternating DB Snatch: The Dumbbell must controlled to the ground (not dropped) and extension must be shown between the athletes shoulders overhead. Your other hand may touch your leg/knee/etc (not CF Open standards)
  • The hang squat snatch begins with the athlete standing to extension then returning to the hang position (any height) to begin the lift. Athletes may power snatch & overhead squat but depth is required.

1st Vs 4th & 2nd Vs 3rd


1x Male and 1x Female Athlete begin on workout A
1x Male and 1x Female Athlete begin on workout B


For Heaviest weight x reps

Male & Female Athlete will alternate attempts every :45 x4 each

  • 6 Rep Max Double Dumbbell Clean & Jerk


  • Highest weight x reps total
  • Tie break = womens’ total

Note: Your score will be number of reps successfully completed at the weight x the reps. Up to a maximum of 6 reps.


  • At 3, 2, 1, go the 1st / 2nd place teams Female athlete and the 4th / 3rd place teams Male athlete will step up to the dumbbell line and attempt 6x clean & Jerks
  • The dumbbells must be returned to the pile within :45s for the reps to count
  • at 0:45 on the clock, the other athlete from each team will lift
  • Continue this way until all athletes have made 4 attempts each
  • The leading team will have an advantage for the male athlete (and presumably total) while the lower level team will have an advantage for the female total (tiebreak)


6 Min AMRAP + For Time

Alternating complete rounds with their partner
With a running total on the rower & a 6 minute Clock

  • 100m Row + 1 burpee over the rower
  • 100m Row + 2 burpees over the rower
  • 100m Row + 3 burpees over the rower …

Scoring B

Score 1: Team fastest time to complete 500m + 5 burpees
Score 2: Total burpees completed (combined)

Flow B

  • both athletes will begin standing on top of plates side by side
  • at 3, 2, 1, go the first athlete will run to the rower, strap in, and take the rower from 0 - 100m, then will then perform 1 burpee over the rower
  • The first athlete will run back and tag the second athlete, who will then take the rower from 100 to 200m, and perform 2 burpees over it
  • continue this way alternating for 6 minutes

Overall Scoring

  • 2 Points: Total Weight x Reps (highest score / athlete)
  • 1 Point: Fastest time to complete 500m + 5 Burpees
  • 2 Points: Total combined burpee reps

Movement Standards A & B

  • All movements follow typical standards
  • Double DB Clean & Jerk - begins with both dumbbells on the ground and ends once both dumbbells are overhead. They may be lifted in any way.
  • Unbroken means the dumbbells may not rest on the ground between reps
  • only 1 side of (both) dumbbells is required to touch the ground between reps
  • If an athlete fails the jerk, they may retry it and the rep will still count
  • The athlete cannot take their hands off the rower until they have passed the appropriate 100 mark on the rower
  • Burpees over the rower begin with the chest to the ground and end with the athlete jumping with both feet over the rower (DIII may step over the rower)


4 Athletes, 2 members of each sex


4 minute AMRAP

  • DII Men: 150lb Dball Over the Shoulder
  • DII Women: 100lb Dball Over the Shoulder

  • DIII Men: 50lb Slam Balls

  • DIII Women: 40lb Slam Balls


Total combined reps, every rep is worth 2s head start on WOD B.


  • At 3, 2, 1, go both pairs (2 guys working together, 2 girls working together) will begin AMRAP of their movement with 1 athlete working at a time
  • the non working athlete may assist with the lift if required, but the ball must pass over an athletes shoulder to finish


  • Dball over the shoulder must begin from the ground and pass over (either) of the athletes shoulders
  • The partner may assist in lifting the ball, but it must pass over 1 athletes shoulder
  • Slam Balls: The athlete must get the ball to full extension overhead from the floor, and provide downward force on the ball until it has passed their chest on the way back down, dropping the ball will not be accepted

Transition & Switch

Teams may switch out 1 male and 1 female athlete before beginning part 2.

Note: The start of this event will be delayed by 2s for every rep behind the 2nd place team is after Final A (Ie: 5 reps difference = 10s delay of start)



2 Males and 2 Female will work as a team with 1 athlete working at a time
For Time:
Note: Each athlete must complete all of the reps of 2 movements.

  • 400m Row
  • 25x Wallballs (DII: 30/20 @ 9’)(DIII: 20/14 @ 9’)
  • 125x Double Unders
  • 20x Burpee Ring Pull-ups
  • 30x Box Jump Over (DII: 30/24”) (DIII: 24/20”)
  • 12x 1 Arm DB S2OH / Arm (DII: 70/45)(DIII: 50/30)
  • 20x Overhead Squat (DII: 115/85)(DIII: 95/65)
  • 400m Row


  • All Athletes will begin with one hand touching the wall.
  • At 3, 2, 1, go the first athlete will leave the wall to complete the 400m row, once completed they may continue to complete the 25x wallballs (then they're done) or they may return to the team to tag in a second athlete.
  • The second athlete will go out to complete the 25x Wallballs, if it is their first movement they may stay out and complete the double unders as well, or run back and tag a teammate
  • Each athlete is only allowed to complete 2 of the movements, and will complete all of the reps of that movement
  • If an athlete is unable to complete all of the reps, they may tag another athlete in but their reps will not count


The first team to complete the final 400m row is the winner (due to delayed start)


All movements follow typical movement standards.
Wall balls will be done with a bum ball
Burpee Ring Pull ups will be done with the rings set @ same height, female athletes may use a 6” box
Divisions II box jump overs must be 2 foot takeoff and only feet may touch the top of the box, full extension is not required
Division III box jump overs may get over the box in any way
1 Arm Dumbbell Shoulder to overhead may be done any style, ending with the dumbbell locked out in the overhead position, athlete may switch hands at any time but must complete the designated total reps / arm
Overhead squats will begin from the floor, a squat snatch is allowed