2017-YVR-S1 Playoffs


Sun Jun 25 8:00am - 4:00pm


Division I

CrossFit Semiahmoo

Division II

Straight Out of OnRamp

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Playoff Details:

Event Details & Updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/1331123353603109

Dress Code:

We'll have some prizes for the best dressed team so be creative!

Refreshments and Fun:

  • Fuel Your Fire will be on site selling their delicious food.
  • RYU will be hosting a push up competition.
  • Coast Protein will be sampling and selling their delicious cricket protein.
  • Faculty Brewing will be on site as well!

Athlete check-in is between 8:30-9:00AM (doors will be open at 8).

Qualifier event 1 workout description will happen shortly after, so don't be late!

All 10 teams will take part in Qualifiers 1 & 2. The combined (4) scores from qualifiers + your season ranking will determine the top 4 teams who will go onto head to head semi finals & finals.


With a 20 minute running clock...

All 4 Athletes will complete:

The 'Almost Mile' with a sled.

Upon returning, AMRAP in the remaining time:

50x Toe to Bar (DII Toe to Ring)
50x Hang Clean (girls) Hang Snatch (boys) (DI: 95lb)(DII 85lb) (+10lbs every round)

One athlete must always be 'hanging' for any AMRAP reps to count.
DI: Hanging from the rings
DII: Hanging from the bar


Teams will be sent out the door at 30 second intervals. The last ranked team will go first, and the first ranked team will go last.

All 4 athletes & the sled must be taken along the 'almost mile' route (check your inbox or the FB event for route details).

Once all 4 athletes & the sled have crossed the line, they may begin the AMRAP. 1 athlete will jump up and begin hanging, one other athlete may begin on the toe to bar / ring.
Only 1 athlete may be AMRAPING at a time.

After the completion of 100 reps (1 round) the non working athletes will add 10lbs to the bar.


This workout will be scored as 2 events

Score 1: Sled Mile time
Score 2: Total Reps completed

Movement Standards

  • All movements follow typical standards
  • Sled pull: As long as the sleds on the ground, and the weights on the sled... just get it through the mile
  • Toe to Bar (DI) - both feet must make contact with the bar at the same time, the feet must pass behind the athletes hands at the bottom
  • Toe to Ring (DII) - both feet must contact or pass through the rings, the feet must pass behind the rings at the bottom of each rep
  • Hang Clean (girls) - the rep begins once the athlete is standing tall, the rep is completed when the hips are extended and the shoulders are on the opposite side of the bar
  • Hang Snatch (boys) - the rep begins once the athlete is standing tall, the rep is completed when the athlete stands with hips, knees & arms are extended with the bar overhead
  • Hanging from the bar - the athletes' feet must be off the ground and not touching anything other than the bar / rings they are hanging from. A teammate may assist in getting the athlete up to the bar / rings.

With a 16 minute running clock...

3 Athletes will complete the 'grid style' AMRAP:

40x Wallballs (20/14 @10/9')
40x Calorie Row (downhill)
40x Box Jump Overs (24/20")
40x Alternating DB Snatch (50/35#)

Every 4 minutes one athlete will rotate through completing:

1 Rep max Bench Press


At 3, 2, 1, go 1 athlete will run onto the floor and begin completing the wallballs and 1 athlete will begin their 4 minutes to complete a max bench.

The 3 athletes completing the AMRAP (in the first 4 minute block) may tag in and out at any time, but only 1 athlete may be 'on the floor' working at a time, the rest will remain behind the line.
Once 40 wall balls are completed the athlete must return behind the line (or switch athletes) before moving forward to the next station.

At 4 minutes on the clock, 1 'AMRAP' athlete will switch with the 'Bench Press' athlete, and they will have 4 minutes to hit a max.

This order will continue for 16 minutes allowing all 4 athletes to complete a max bench.

The bench press order must be declared before the workout begins.


This workout will be scored as 2 events

Score 1: Total reps completed in the AMRAP
Score 2: Total Pounds Benched

Note: Every 4 minutes, the Bench Press weight completed by each team will be written for all to see.

Movement Standards

  • All movements follow typical standards
  • Box Jump Over: Athletes are not required to hit extension at the top
  • Downhill row: The 'fan wheel' will be elevated
  • Alternating DB Snatch: The Dumbbell must controlled to the ground (not dropped) and extension must be shown between the athletes shoulders overhead. Your other hand may touch your leg/knee/etc (not CF Open standards)
  • Bench Press: Any grip is allowed, but the athletes feet must remain on the floor and their back / butt must remain in contact with the bench. If a spotter touches the bar in ANY fashion it will be considered a no rep.

A Complex Tailpipe

With an 8 minute CAP

2 Men will complete:


3 rounds (each)

250m Row
Partner holds double front rack kettle bell (24kg / 16kg)

In the same 8 minutes:

2 Women will find a max:

4x Deadlifts
3x Hang Cleans
1x Full Clean

2 minute rest, then switch.


At 3, 2, 1 go - 1 male athlete will 'rack' the 2 kettle bells and then the other male will begin rowing 250m.
The athlete can only row while the KB are held in the rack position (on the arms, not the shoulders).
If the Athlete puts the KB down, the rower must stop.
Every 500m the rower will be moved forward to the next station before rowing begins.

At the same time, the 2 girls will share a bar and find a max of the complex.

When the clock hits 8:00 everyone stops. There is 2 minutes to move rowers & change bars, then repeat above with girls on Tailpipe and the boys finding a max.

note: The team may change out 1 male and 1 female during the 2 minute rest.


This workout will be scored as 3 events

Score 1: Total combined 'Tailpipe' time
Score 2: Men's total pounds
Score 3: Women's total pounds

Movement Standards

  • All movements follow typical standards
  • KB Front Rack: Both kettle bells must rest on the arms (not the shoulders) with the hands or bells touching in the chest in front
  • Row: The rower does NOT need to be re-set between rows, time is completed when the rower passes 1500m
  • Complex: The complex must be performed unbroken
  • Hand Clean: Any style is permitted as long as it doesn't touch the floor between reps
  • Full Clean: Any style is permitted as long as it DOES touch the floor between reps, but it may not 'rest' on the floor


With an 5 minute CAP

2 Men & 2 Women Waterfall Style:

21 / 14x Calorie Airdyne
15 / 12x Pullups
9x Dumbbell Clean & Jerk (2x 40/30)

The next athlete may not begin until the first has moved to the next station.

Score: When the final athlete completes 9th DB CJ or CAP + 1s for every rep not completed

The Ladder (Regionals 2017 style)

With a 6 minute CAP

Teams may switch out 1 male & 1 female from previous event.

4 Athletes Alternating Male / Female

Dumbbell Snatch Ladder

3 reps / arm (alternating) at each weight

Men: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80
Women: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70

Score: The heaviest weight completed by each athlete will be the 'round' and the number of reps completed will be the 'reps'
Combined total of teams rounds + reps.

The Girls

No cap.

1 Male & 1 Female

'Dumbbell Fran'
Thrusters (2x 40 / 30)

150x Wallballs (20/14)

Note: Once an athlete has completed their workout, they may assist the other athlete (of the same sex) with their reps, 1 athlete working at a time.

Score: Final time.


Athletes are allowed to switch out 1 male and 1 female between each event
Rest between events will be as minimal as possible


These workouts will be scored as 3 events

Score 1: Final time
Score 2: Total rounds (dumbbell weight) + Total Reps (reps @ that weight)
Score 3: Final Time

Movement Standards

  • All movements follow typical standards
  • Dumbbell Snatch: The dumbbell must touch the floor and is completed when the dumbbell is held locked out overhead between the shoulders