Week 4 - Sep-26 (Thu) to Sep-29 (Sun)

Photo contest sponsored by @TruLocal


  • Theme: BACON
  • Prize: 8 packs of locally sourced epic bacon from TruLocal for your team!
  • How: Take a photo with your team after your week 4 match and share it on Instagram before SUNDAY Sept 29th @ 10:00pm
    • tag @Functionalfitnessleague & @trulocal and #FFLSQUAD
  • We will repost ALL of the photos on Monday Sept 30th

  • The fine print:
    • teams cannot 'pay for likes' if the FFL feels a team does anything in bad faith they hold the right to choose the next winner
    • it is only likes on the FFL photo on instagram OR on the facebook page photo that count
    • likes that you get for sharing the post etc do not count towards this total (as we cannot see all pages)